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The Toilers were a research group that existed from 1993 - 2016 which have invented, implemented, and compared several diverse ad hoc network protocols (both mobile ad hoc network protocols and wireless sensor ad hoc network protocols). Ad hoc networks are defined by a lack of a fixed infrastructure, multi-hop communication, unreliable wireless links, and decisions made based on local knowledge. Overcoming these challenges presents several open research questions, such as energy-efficient routing, in-network processing, adaptive behavior, and security. Applications of ad hoc networks are diverse, and include environmental monitoring, structural monitoring, search and rescue, and tracking.

The Toilers research group was involved in over $11 million dollars in sponsored research. This funding has produced 18 software packages which have been requested from (and shared with) more than 3000 researchers in 76 countries (as of July 2019).

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Supported by NSF

This work was supported in part by NSF Grants DGE-0801692, CNS-0855060, CNS-0940632, CNS-0905513, CNS-0915574, OISE-1243539, CNS-1043772, CNS-1046300, and CNS-0905513.