Using iNSpect $

To run iNSpect use this command line:   
  ./iNSpect  <(trace) file> [flag] [(trace) file] 
     -c     : Configuration file
     -l2     : NS-2 wireless trace file
     -d,-d3  : NS-3 wired trace file
     -d2     : NS-2 wired trace file
     -m      : Mobility trace file
     -p  : Placement files are optional for wireless
                                  traces, but required for wired traces.
     -nam   : Nam Trace file      
Example Usage: Wireless with optional placement file:    
     ./iNSpect -c  -l  -p       
     ./iNSpect -c sample/simple_wireless.conf -l2 sample/  

To use the command line with windows inside of Dev C++, then simply type the arguments, without the ./iNSpect preface.

Beta 3 Example: -c sample/wireless/wireless2Config.conf -l2 sample/wireless/