This code is described in:
W. Navidi and T. Camp,Stationary Distributions for the Random
Waypoint Mobility Model

, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing,
vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 99-108, January-March 2004.
W. Navidi, T. Camp, and N. Bauer, Improving the Accuracy of Random
Waypoint Simulations Through Steady-State Initialization,

of the 15th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation (MS '04),
pp. 319-326, March 2004.

In the first paper, we derive the stationary distributions for location, speed, and pause time for the random waypoint mobility model. We then show how to implement the random waypoint mobility model in order to construct more efficient and reliable simulations for mobile ad hoc networks.

In the second paper, we show how to implement a steady-state mobility model generator (mobgen-ss) for the random waypoint mobility model. This code provides our mobgen-ss program.

The original mobgen program was written by Jeff Boleng (Ph.D. 2002 from the Colorado School of Mines). The original mobgen program was then modified to create mobgen-ss by Nick Bauer (M.S. 2004 from the Colorado School of Mines).

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