Mobile Models

This code is described in:
T. Camp, J. Boleng, and V. Davies, A Survey of Mobility Models for Ad Hoc
Network Research, Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing (WCMC): Special
issue on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: Research, Trends and Applications,
vol. 2, no. 5, pp. 483-502, 2002

This paper describes several mobility models that represent mobile nodes whose movements are independent of each other (i.e. entity mobility models) and several mobility models that represent mobile nodes whose movements are dependent on each other (i.e. group mobility models).

Included in the code are the implementations of six entity mobility models and three group mobility models.

Entity mobility models:
There are two versions of the boundless simulation area mobility model. torus.c is the random waypoint model placed on a boundless torus. torus2.c is an implementation of the boundless simulation area as described by Haas et al.

Group mobility models:
All the mobility models except two will output in either ns-2 mobility file format and/or gnuplot format. The boundless simulation area and Gauss-Markov mobility models will only output a gnuplot file.

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