2012 Organizers

Anke Kamrath, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Michelle Strout, Colorado State University

Marcia Killingsworth, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Registration Chair

Qin (Christine) Lv, University of Colorado at Boulder

Poster Designer

Cassie Helms, HP in Fort Collins

Social Night Organizer

Kathleen Ericson, Colorado State University

Program Committee

Anneliese Andrews, University of Denver

Debbie Bartlett, Colorado State University 

Allison Brown, University of Colorado Boulder 

Robin Dowell, University of Colorado Boulder 

Kathleen Ericson, Colorado State University

Suzanne Gallagher, University of Colorado Boulder

Debra S. Goldberg, University of Colorado Boulder 

Cathie Olschanowsky, Colorado State University 

Cyndi Rader, Colorado School of Mines 

Indrakshi Ray, Colorado State University 

Dola Saha, University of Colorado Boulder 

Susanne A. Sherba, University of Denver 

Lucy Troup, Colorado State University 

Amy Ulinski, University of Wyoming 

Neeti Sharad Wagle, University of Colorado Boulder 

Na Yu, Colorado School of Mines


Steering Committee

Tracy Camp, Colorado School of Mines

Liz Jessup, University of Colorado at Boulder