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CISE Broader Impacts Summit held June 21st to 23rd, 2010

This two day summit began the process of developing guidance materials for the NSF CISE (Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering) research community on how to integrate activities that address the NSF broader impacts review criteria into their research. Working groups met to discuss and document current/future broader impact activities and ways in which infrastructure can be established to make it easier for NSF investigators to improve the broader impacts of their work. Overall, the goal of this Summit was to develop materials and examples to educate the NSF CISE research community about (1) the broader impacts criteria, (2) effective on-going activities that achieve broader impact, and (3) the importance of these criteria to NSF funded research. We note that the Summit and supporting material were developed around the five broader impact criteria that existed at the time (pre 2011):

  • Advance science while promoting teaching, training and learning
  • Broaden participation of underrepresented groups
  • Enhance infrastructure for research and education
  • Provide broad dissemination to enhance scientific and technological understanding
  • Highlight the benefit to society
While these five criteria (pre 2011) are different than the current nine categories (post 2011), one quickly notices the overlap that exists. Thus, the following material developed for the Summit in 2010 should still be useful:
  • Final reports from the Summit submitted by each of the five working groups. In addition, one example BI activity is included for each of the five BI criteria. Links are provided to several other BI activities presented at the Summit by researchers who have made significant contributions to broader impacts in their research projects.
  • List of all the attendees that contributed to the Summit
  • Summit Program, including slides and videos of the speakers
  • Summit Organizers
  • Summit Logistics
  • Evaluation Data of Summit

The Broader Impacts Summit was sponsored by the NSF CISE (Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering) and had participants representing the three CISE research communities: Information & Intelligent Systems, Computer & Network Systems, and Computing & Communication Foundations.