This site is an ARCHIVE of a Broader Impacts Summit in 2010.
Summit presentations, videos, summary, and MORE can be found at http://cisebroaderimpacts.org/

Call for Participation

Applications due by April 30th, 2010 (Extensions will not be granted)

Submit to: http://www.csr.uky.edu/BIRDS/

Notifications by May 20th, 2010

We invite you to apply to participate in the NSF Broader Impacts for Research and Discovery Summit.

Applications will consist of a brief (no more than 1 page, 12 point font) description of your interest in NSF's broader impact criteria. Your description could also include project(s) you have done, or projects that you would like to do, to increase the broad impact of your research. For any project discussed, please also state your method (or proposed method) of evaluating the impact of your activities, as well as any outcome from completed evaluations. In addition, you must submit a 2-page bio in NSF's standard format (See the guidelines here).

We expect that participants will stay for the full 2-day summit and participate in the working groups. See our agenda page for more information.

Attendance will be limited to 120 participants. We expect approximately 100 of the participants to be CISE researchers and 20 to be NSF officials. Approximately half of the CISE researchers are being invited to attend; the other half will be determined through this submission process. Reasonable travel expenses will be covered by NSF Grant numbers CNS-1033192 and CNS-1033413.

To submit your request to attend the Broader Impacts Summit, go to: http://www.csr.uky.edu/BIRDS/