Contact Information

Conference Information
  • Amy Banic (University of Wyoming and Idaho National Labratory)
  • Amy Ho (Google, Inc.)

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Want to volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer to help in any way with the conference please contact Amy Banic. If you are a student and would like to volunteer at the conference, please submit a student application and make sure that you also register for the conference independently
Student Volunteers, if accepted (via application), will be granted complementary registration. Some of the tasks that Student Volunteers will be responsible for are, putting together registration bags, helping with registration desk, helping presenters, checking badges, and helping to hang posters amongst other duties.

Conference Organizers

Conference Chairs
  • Amy Banic (University of Wyoming and Idaho National Labratory)
  • Amy Ho (Google, Inc.)
Steering Committee Registration
  • Chair: Qin Lv (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Co-Chair: Ruben Gamboa (University of Wyoming)
Papers and Posters
  • Chair: Cecily Heiner (Southern Utah University)
  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Locke (Rogue Wave Software, Inc.)
Panels and Sponsorship
  • Chair: Debra Goldberg (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Co-Chair: Andrea Burrows (University of Wyoming)
  • Chair: Hannah Jang-Condell (University of Wyoming)
Workshops and Tutorials
  • Chair: Susanne Sherba (University of Denver)
Local Arrangements
  • Chair: Bryan Shader (University of Wyoming)
Publicity/Social Media
  • Chair: Michelle Strout (Colorado State University)
  • Co-Chair: Ashley Marie Einspahr (Colorado School of Mines)
Special Events
  • Chair: Robin Hill (University of Wyoming)
  • Co-Chair: Melissa Wiederrecht (University of Wyoming)
  • Chair: Catharine Brand
Student Volunteers
  • Chair: Angela Benavides
Graphic Designers
  • Chair: Cassie Helms (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P)
  • Shelby Piche (University of Wyoming)
  • Chair: Shelby Piche (University of Wyoming)
  • Co-Chair: Allyson Anderson (University of Wyoming)

Past Conferences