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The Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing (RMCWiC) will bring together students, faculty, and technology leaders from across Colorado, Wyoming and neighboring states to discuss the role of women in today's computing fields, share experiences and strategies for success, and explore issues common to women working in these fields. If you are interested in volunteering to help organize RMCWiC, please send email to Amy Banic or Amy Ho.

Submission Categories | Submission Details

If you are interested in learning more about computing careers or advancing technology and the challengers and rewards that go with them, as well as the broader representation of women, you should attend the RMCWiC! Undergraduates and graduates with interests in computing to attend and consider submitting work in the categories listed below. We invite faculty and computing professional leaders to come meet and mentor the next generation of computing professionals. Any presentations (demos, etc.) will be subject to review.

Special Call for Faculty and Professional Leaders

We need faculty from higher education as well as computing professionals who are willing to share their experiences, expertise and advice with the next generation. Appropriate avenues include giving a Birds of a Feather session, staffing information tables, and engaging in informal discussions with students throughout the conference.

The deadline for ALL submissions has been EXTENDED!
All submissions are due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH

Call for Workshops and Tutorials

RMCWiC 2014 welcomes proposals for workshops and tutorials on both technical and professional topics. Topics relating to our theme of 'Reaching New Heights' are especially encouraged. The target audience is undergraduate and graduate students. Workshops and tutorials will be one hour in length.
Please submit a 1-2 page proposal with the following information:

  • Title of the workshop or tutorial
  • Organizers and their affiliations
  • Objectives and expected outcomes
  • A description of the topics to be covered, the format of the session, and any room configuration and/or technology requirements.

Submission Categories

All submissions require an abstract or proposal and will be reviewed. Some submissions will be published in an electronic Proceedings of RMCWiC 2014. Following are descriptions of the kinds of submissions. For further details of how to make a submission can be found after the descriptions.

  • Papers

    Proposals are due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30

    RMCWiC 2014 welcomes, and encourages, papers from students and any other attendees on any topic in computer science, including topics that are: technical; focused on women in computing; and/or highlight social or ethical issues. All submissions will be lightly reviewed. All suitable papers will be published in an electronic Proceedings of RMCWiC 2014. Our goal is to mentor young researchers and to help students gain confidence in the publication process.

    • Selected papers will be presented at the conference in a lecture format involving 15 minutes for the oral presentation with an additional 5 minutes for discussion.
    • Papers should be from 2 to 6 pages in length including text, figures and references.

  • Posters

    Proposals are due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30

    Students and others are encouraged to submit posters on research, class projects, and work-in-progress. The poster reception will give students an opportunity to discuss their work with conference attendees in an informal setting. Poster abstracts will be lightly reviewed. Our goal is to help students gain confidence in discussing their work. All suitable poster abstracts will be published in an electronic Proceedings of RMCWiC 2014.

    • Submit a poster abstract of no more than one page summarizing the key idea of your poster.
    • Posters should be no larger than 36x48.

  • Birds of a Feather

    Proposals are due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30

    Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are informal discussion groups on specific topics of interest. Attendees split into small groups to discuss specific technical or social topics that interest them. Suitable topics for discussions include anything related to computing: carees, education, challenges, student organizations, or a variety of other topics. Our theme this year is 'Reaching New Heights' and topics which relate to this theme are highly encouraged. BoF sessions may be organized by one or more students, faculty, and industry professionals. BoF session proposals will be reviewed.

    • Submit a brief proposal of no more than one (1) page describing the discussion topic and listing the name(s) and affiliations(s) of the organizer(s).
    • BoF session proposals will be reviewed; due to limited space, only the top BoF proposals will be accepted.
    • Our goal is to engender a lively exchange of ideas and foster a senese of community and mutual support.

Submission Details

How to make a submission

ALL submissions are due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30

We prefer that papers be submitted in pdf format; however, papers in Word format are also acceptable. Papers should be formatted using this Word template. For papers you could also use the two column IEEE latex style. All other submissions may be submitted as plain text, as a Word document, or as a pdf file. Both the BOF and the poster abstract are just a single page with a title and author. Both single and multiple-authored submissions are encouraged.

Follow this url to make your submission: If there is a problem following the link, copy and paste the address into the address bar